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Are you ready for tonight’s episode? There’s been so much drama lately that I hope it ends well for these two…

I’ve pictured them going back “home” too tired to do anything, too damaged to care for themselves, but at the same time grateful to still have each other.

I’ve imagined them undressing the other to heal their wounds and figuring out at the end that they are too dirty and sweaty to see anything, and thinking in silence that maybe it’s a better idea to just go into the shower.

They’re too mature and exhausted to care about their own nudity, so they barely look each other when they melt into a hug while they let the water clean the blood and the dust for them.

Kane’s blood drops (from the wrists) over Abby’s thigh and the same thing happens with her own blood. I wanted it to be that way with a metaphor of the pain that they’ve cause to each other through the show.

It’s a new beginning.

PD: I hope you like it! If the illustration inspires you to write or draw something relat

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